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American Horror Story Season 6 Finn Wittrock still not in cast list

Finn Wittrock

Ecumencial News Reported that Finn may be not in season 6 of our favourite Tv series

According to a report of Ecumenical News, the upcoming season will more likely be a claustrophobic-themed series with children as its main characters.

In an interview with one of the stars of the series, Finn Wittrock, American Horror Story Season 6 will most likely be featuring quite a small cast members’ list, making the show a little tighter compared to the previous seasons. Wittrock played roles in the Freak Show and Hotel seasons.

According to the actor, the past installments of the series were too big with too many storylines. This season might be a new one as the production will probably keep the show with fewer characters and a tighter and more claustrophobic story compared to the other seasons.


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