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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #5 Preview (HBO) – Spoiler Alert

wwndrqmze6jjucq4jtl8mrthcatfyt2y-largeMy dear friends, its time to see some good sh*t on Game of Thrones. Be Aware the content below Contains Spoilers.

Seeing the Episode #5 preview, we can see that Sansa Stark & Little Finger meet again & it is time for Sansa to question him. Of course, now she is more powerful than she was before & she has a backing of an army of 2000 Wildlings lead by her brother Jon Snow. I always knew she is well suited for a more powerful role & now we are in that place where we are going to see a sharp & strong Sansa who was once called “Little Bird” by the hound.

Arya Stark is in the house of black & white. She continues to learn to be invisible & she has shown a lot of promise to Jaqen H’ghar who have been working really hard on her, to make her strong. Jaqen has some test for Arya again in the episode to come, lets see how it goes keeping in mind the previous tests where Arya failed.

Theon Greyjoy helps his sister to take the Iron throne, & there is a new addition to powerful people ruling Meereen. I can’t say for sure what her purpose on the show is, as we have never seen her on the show before, but certainly she is a challenge for Varys, lets wait & see how it goes.

Bran Stark finds himself in the company of white walkers for the first time & for the very first time her becomes aware of the threat the world of mortals are going to face. See the episode preview below;

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