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Introduction of a New Red Woman in Game Of Thrones & its Significance


“Knowledge has made you powerful but there’s still so much you don’t know”

With Jon Snow’s Return in episode 2 of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season, We witnessed the powers of Melisandre extend beyond giving birth to shadow demons and hiding her real age masterfully. She did not believed that the trick of bringing the former Lord Commander back to life, she had up her sleeve, that forced her to believe that the lord of light brought Jon Snow back for a reason. “I will do as Jon Snow commands,” she told Ser Davos. “He is the Prince That Was Promised.”

Basically, all of this means Melisandre now considers Jon to be the reincarnation of legendary hero Azor Ahai, she originally thought was Stannis was that messiah-like figure. But before we discuss this even further, lets talk about what it means for Jon, here is what we can extract from the promo of episode 5.

The preview of episode 5 of season 6 The New Red Womanshows Tyrion & Varys talking to a woman wearing an outfit just like Melisandre & similar necklace — it is a clear sign that there is going to be another Red Woman on the show. The new priestess is seen chatting with both of them in throne room of meereen. “Knowledge has made you powerful,” she says. “But there’s still so much you don’t know.”

Tyrion’s encounter with a priestess of R’hllor was on season five episode 3. Tyrion was in the midst of his long journey to Meereen when he saw her talking/preaching to the people. “The Lord of Light hears your voice,” she says. “He has sent you a savior. From the fire she was reborn to remake the world. The Dragon Queen.”

As we can see it was clearly a reference to Daenerys ‘the unburnt’, it doesn’t seem like too big of a stretch to assume that the new red woman that we are about to meet will have similar mindset as that of the priestess Tyrion came accross during his journey to Meereen. She might believe that Dany is the One who was promised, it may have significant implications to the future of Game of thrones storyline.

First, it could mean the two camps are both right, and that the reincarnation of Azor Ahai is not one person, but three — a fan theory commonly referred to as the three heads of the dragon.

Secondly, It can also support the idea that Dany is not the last targaryen. The thoery also stands firm that Jon Snow isn’t Ned Stark’s bastard but rather the son of Lyanna Stark & Rhaegar Targaryen. There is also a theory revolving around Tyrion about him being the sone of Joanna Lannister and the Mad King, making him a Targaryen.

Lets wait for 5th Episode of Season 6 of Game of thrones, it is going to air on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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