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Is Jon Snow Going to Die “Again” ?? in Season 6

Game Of Thrones - HBOThe Game My friends is on. It is now Time for House Stark to rise up to the glory the family once possessed.

Will Jon Snow die to save Sansa and Rickon on Game of Thrones? Ramsay Bolton made a pretty direct threat against the Stark family that might require a sacrifice.

Wait, what? I certainly hope not. He better not die, not again. Lets hope he stays alive, I don’t think the ladies can handle the pain of seeing him die for the second time. & then it will be for the whole 1 year, I don’t think any of us can handle this for such a long period of time. Still, it’s a valid question — if he’s even able to die again, that is. Who knows what Melisandre’s magic did for his mortality. But, if he is able to die than I think this is the time when he possibly can die, fighting for his family.

Looking towards the battle between Staks & Boltons, it surely will have consequences, Ramsay is desperate for power & he will do anything to get it, & Jon Snow is noble enough to give himself up on siblings & leave their fate in the hands of a monster.  Considering what happened with Jon in recent past including the small battle with White Walkers & his own people killing him, he is definitely not at his 100% & it will be difficult for him to match the monster that is Ramsey.

If Jon dies, everyone will be blaming Sansa, as she was the one who suggested to take back Winterfell — we all know that it is the right thing to do, we know that they should take back what belongs to their family, but still people would blame her & nothing would be worse than people doing that. Sansa has a lot of faith in Jon & Jon is so eager to rescue his brother that I would hate to see that moment tarnished.

That said, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next for the Starks. I bet nobody thought that  Rickon, Sansa, and Jon would be the ones teaming up. I just hope that none of them do anything foolish. At the end of the day all we can do is just “guess” & keep guessing around, but in reality  “We All Know Nothing”

Image: courtesy of HBO

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