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Melisandre Brought Back Michael Scofield From The Dead??

You all must have watched the new trailer of the famous TV series Prison Break. In the trailer Michael Scofield can be seen alive & well, but in prison. He was considered dead when he tried to rescue his son’s mother Sarah from the prison in the last episode of Season 4, aired in 2009. It was quite strange to see him alive after all these years.

Michael Back From the dead

The Red Woman,┬áMelisandre has recently found out that she can restore the dead, when her magic worked on Jon Snow & she was able to bring him back to life. This is no ordinary thing to bring someone back to life we don’t know anybody else who has the ability or talent to do that,┬áso I can assume that there has to be a role of Melisandre in Michael Scofield’s return to life. LOL

This clearly means that we will be seeing The Red Woman on both of the shows now & this is going to be the first time in the history of TV that someone from another show bring a character back to life. Game of Thrones & Prison break may now have exchange of characters.

Lets wait & see what both of these outstanding series has to offer in the future.

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