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Sahiwal Accident – Shocking Video Evidence – Facts & Delusions

Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter Sunday morning to assure the public that action will be taken in the Sahiwal case if it is proven that the CTD officials were involved in an extrajudicial killing.

Four people were killed on Saturday by the CTD in an operation in Sahiwal. It claims they were terrorists but the government has now opened an inquiry into the case.

New footage regarding the deaths of four people in an alleged “encounter” by Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on GT Road near Sahiwal on Saturday in making rounds on social media.

Police officers can be seen surrounding the vehicle and pointing their weapons while the police mobile vehicle is stopped at some distance.

The video details children being taken out of the vehicle to the police mobile van. The police then open fire at the vehicle, causing four people to die in the incident.

Shocking Video Evidence Emerges of Sahiwal Accident

Names of CTD officials involved in Sahiwal incident revealed

SAHIWAL – The names of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials involved in the Sahiwal incident revealed by government officials on Monday.

According to deatils, it is said that the operation was carried out under CTD sub-inspector Safdar Hussain while other officials include Ahsan Khan, Muhammad Ramzan, Saifullah and Husnain.

One of the cases against the incident has been registered in the presence of Safdar Hussain.

Sections of murder, attempt to murder, terrorism, possession of illegal weapons and explosive act have been included in the case.

Shehryar Afridi aggressive speech on Sahiwal Incident in National Assembly today

The CTD officials involved in the case have been arrested and a JIT has been formed to investigate what happened.

Three children were left orphaned after the incident. The children – two sisters and a brother. We are looking forward to Mr. Prime Minister to give justice to the victims. None of this is acceptable in any society & specially when the Prime Minister is trying to bring justice system as it was in the state of Madina. We all will have to wait and see how it goes.

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