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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Maybe Not The Last One Says Mark Pedowitz

'The Vamp Diaries' Season 8 Maybe Not The Last One

After the lowest rating of season 7 finale the boss of CW Mark Pedowitz said that maybe season 8 is not the last season of the vampire diaries . Well there is also a huge question that i’m concerned about is TVD’s rating in 2017-2018 . well This Finale has lowest rating in history of vampire diaries . well no decision has been made that whether its a last season or not . well season 8 will air at friday night.

president Mark Pedowitz told reporters Thursday in announcing the network’s schedule for next season. The show will take up residence on Friday night, where it aired the second half of this season.

“In my dreams it isn’t,” Pedowitz adds, “but  but you never know till you get there. We’ll see how the audience reacts.”

Pedowitz says the network will make those decisions “in the next week or so.”

Source : tvbythenumbers.zap2it

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